Why Us

We’re Motivated

Starting off in a small kitchen of a convenience store, we believe our growth and numbers can convince you of our achievement in this industry. Pie in the Sky Pie Co. is built on the belief that great taste and great company are nothing without the other. With our years of experience, we know we have perfected the systems to complement our menu items that will kick off in no time. It’s time to be in control of your success and start with one of our franchises. With Pie in the Sky Pie Co, you can have your cake and eat it too!

Our Brand

We value our customers just as we value our brand and we want to develop a team that feels the same. Through persistence, time, and passion we developed our standards to where they are now and it takes just as much to keep them! Pie in the Sky Pie Co. is dedicated to gain the recognition in this industry and so far, our model is doing big things. We believe that value is what matters. So is the value of your future with us. We are offering an opportunity to join our fast-growing brand and to trust that we have the components for a successful future!

Benefits with Us

Through the holidays, birthdays, and numerous other celebrations the demand for quality home-cooked meals and dessert keep traditions alive. We are confident that our products are menu offers timeless options in which we can adapt to new ideas and tastes that our customers want. We have found a special spot in this favorable industry! Since we have the endless opportunity for variety, our customer base is always expanding. Creating the perfect base for a successful brand. Our years of experience have only done us good so far and we are ready to extend our family with you. Investing in Pie in the Sky Pie Co. will help you achieve your goals and help you become your own boss!